Jasmine | Mud Running Glam Chic.

How I came to start this series was with a question. What is it to live as a woman today, as well as, have women themselves changed? You could say this is my attempt to make images against the terror of perfection. Looking at a woman’s strength. Hoping to capture naked images and I don’t mean naked body parts, I mean show the camera who as a woman you really are, the natural beautiful person women are. My instruction to each person was simply be who you are and trust me to see and hopefully capture that truth. I didn’t want images that just appealed to men, some of whom see them as possessions. This, I hope is the first in a set of three. Three set’s of images of true stories. Three set’s of images of life. Indeed, of lives. A set of images to talk about what it means to be today’s woman.

This is the content of my photographs, dedicated to women. A narrative that questions not on the concept of women as much as on that of not one concept of femininity, but many. Not so much about their beauty but about their power, presence, personality and influence. As a photographer I am in some way responsible for reflecting of women in society, me personally I want that to be one of individuality.

When Jasmine said yes to helping me out she responded with… I am strong and healthy but a mum of 3. Mud running glam chic and I love horses … a bit of everything. My body image … I love that I am tall and try to carry myself confidently. But every girl has those things she doesn’t like. Perfect for the series. I said.

Thank you Jasmine.