LAND & NATURE | Marriage of Colour

I love looking at water, not so much the sea, although I do enjoy it’s sparkle on bright sunny day’s. It’s the flow of a river or stream that can hold my attention, It’s like your own personal gallery, where the pictures are painted personally for you and only for today, moments, as tomorrow the curator, light; has gathered a new collection. Standing on the banks or as in this case on a walk way bridge with enough room for one person at a time to pass, studying a rivers flow I can get lost in thoughts, dreams, enjoying the marriage of colour that run and bleed into each other, as though an unseen hand of an artist is putting water colour down on some beautiful textured paper. Japanese culture has an entire philosophy for a similar thing called Shinrin Yoku – translated as ‘taking in the forest atmosphere’ or, more metaphorically, as ‘forest bathing’. I’m not sure western culture has such a beautiful name for enjoying the flow of water as river bathing conjures up other thought’s.

These watercolour’s are part of the river Avon in Warwickshire, England.

The river Avon that runs past Ashow in Warwickshire England UK.