LAND & NATURE | The Allotment

Our desire to produce healthy food which is good for our families, and the joy you can feel being amongst plants, seems to be making itself out as if it was something new, the modern mans approach to healthy living. I know for a fact it’s been around far longer. I remember reading an article in Vogue magazine back in the 70’s of a family doing just that, growing fresh produce for their restaurant.

I have known and passed by this allotment, a very British thing to have, for as long as I can remember. It sits just at the top of Arthur Street in Kenilworth UK and just before you walk or drive over the railway bridge that my dad used to fire the steam trains that ran up and down the tracks. I would love to have a piece of one just like it, but I live in Australia now so not much chance of that. Hence I have started my very own veggie patch in the garden, not very big but I do live in hope. Now I have a huge learning curve ahead of me, as my wife would attest to the fact my fingers are more to the red spectrum than the green, but I am rather excited about growing my own food.