ARTS & CULTURE | Tattoo Artist

I started in this business making and selling landscape photographs for business and personal collectors, but I have always been drawn to people. I find, especially the creative type, artists, musicians etc interesting.

This is my series of images of tattoo artists, a very difficult group to convince to let me make a picture of them. Quite a few said no and I did get asked some very strange questions, anyway these guys are the ones who gave me a go. They where all made in their studios, except the last one of Aiko.

When someone gives up some of their time in their day just so I can make a picture, I feel obliged to make sure I do the best I can. As was the case with all of them I first made a light reading of the room then I put some light into the face with a flash remotely fired through a softbox placed high and pointing down. I did shoot tethered to a laptop just to make sure I got it right. I find using a computer screen gives me more added insurance over the shoot rather than trying to make things out on the back of camera.

Zane Donnellan


Ebony Mellowship

Drew Shallis

Shannon Richmond


Eric and Eden

Johnboy Walton

This is Aiko who’s body has been painted on by Eddy-Lou.