An artist makes his art through his head, heart and his hands. This is the idea behind my new set of pictures of Christopher Dewar.
My inspiration for the grid shots came from Bernd and Hilla Becher, a husband and wife photography team who taught photography in Germany. What the Bechers sought from their subjects was a way in which a single type of structure (watertower, blast furnace, etc.) varied wildly in its external appearance due to its specific historical, geographical context. So I looked at this grid system to explore the way we look at a person, by photographing Chris with the same light, same angle, it’s then you can start to explore with your eye and start to see the differences between each image. Forget about getting the soul of a person in a photograph, that’s just a load of old bull, when we make a picture of person we bring our own baggage with us and what we want to happen, so there is very little chance your going to see who they really are.

The idea behind the floating image is that sometimes we dream our art, we, the artist, can see the beauty in what we create, why can’t others. So in a dream state we float, hands out as though. Look! look what I have created for you. Cant you see?


The hands. This is what we use to create, communicate our creativeness to you. So we now  have the whole story of an artist. As told by another artist, art is again created and another story is told. But who’s, mine or Chris’s?


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