Wind Swept Bec Shoot.

Part 2 of my story on women. Bec and myself went to a beach to create this series of images on a very windy day, with a short burst of rain, that lucky for us cleared the beach of other people so I didn’t have to worry about the odd person popping into the background. Bec is a working mum of two who described herself as one of the most awkward people on earth. Mmm! She never tried photographing Bob Hawke. As you can see by Bec’s images she was wrong, no awkwardness in these.

When I meet the sitter for the first time, their story and my story as the photographer come together, then it’s a collaboration, whether conscious or verbal but something happens, then if Im cautious and respectful I hope they will respond with a generous spirit so that the story can be seen, as it’s my job as artist to find their story and reveal it with my camera.

None of the images in my series are shot with any glamour in mind and very minimal photoshop, that is used to do a bit of dodging and burning.  This is about real people with real lives.


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